Liftt91 is a people business and we know that recruiters don’t always have the best reputation! We’re not here to force you into a job that you don’t want, we’re here to offer you an unrivalled understanding of the market and the best businesses out there and the reasons why they are the best. 


We understand there is more than just money to your next role, and we will take the time to find out what your ideal role is, and use our network to help you achieve that next level. 

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Why candidates choose us


We’ll support you in what kind of business it is that you want to work for – tell us what you want and we will do our best to make it happen


Complete care – from first introduction right through to your first day and beyond – we’ll even advise you on the best areas of Germany and give you a complete service that doesn’t just stop at you getting a new job! 



A listening approach – we won’t talk over you or tell you what will fit for you – we actually want to listen! 

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